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Marble and granite, marble and granites of the country with a team of employees to give life to business centers, convention centers, universities, villas applications, luxury residences and all the external walls of houses, creates interior temperatures. Products in stock at very reasonable prices we offer thousands of varieties of travertine marble.
We as Cem Marble are company of travertine, limestone and marble exporter who located Denizli city in Turkey. We produce, supply and export tiles, pattern sets, pavers, mosaics, slabs to warehouses contractors, builders, architects, designers, homeowners in domestic and abroad markets.Cem Marble is specialized company about natural stones with dynamic, young and customer focused structure. We know that natural stones have variations and according to this we select natural stones at the request of our customers. At the same time we know that package of natural stone is very important so we do best way packaging. Cem Marble offers direct shipping services to any location worldwide. We are assertive about packing, optimal quality, prices and service.Cem marble offers immediate replies to all enquiries, technical support, reliable inspection, quality control, coordinate production period, fast delivery process and logistic operations for customer. We are here to help you execute your vision and in selecting the right stone and tile materials for your design project, building or warehouse. Cem Marble has always strived to provide best quality products and customer service.
MARMOPORT is a marketing affiliate company of our Group. At MARMOPORT, we both present our own products that we produce in our own field and process in our factory, and we also meet various product demands coming from our customers. The producer firm of our Group, Ilktas Mining was established in Avanos/Nevsehir. Our quarry, producing 20.000 tons of block marble in a year, is also in the same region. With 150.000 meter square Antiko-Onix production per year in our factory, we serve our customers in Turkey and abroad. Our company is also a sales marketing firm for the products produced by our solution partners, which have various structures and characteristics, inside and outside the country. Basic principles for our structure include constant investment and keeping pace with technology, and sustainable relations, trust and quality are principal values that we adhere to while meeting product demands of our customers. Our professional staff provides all kind of quality control at production and sale stages of the products we produce and the orders coming from our customers, and then the products are presented to you.
Isik Granit Mermer Madencilik is established by natural stone experts having nearly 15 years of experience in marble, travertine, granite and onyx slabs, blocks and quarries in Turkey. Our main activity with our dedicated team to find right sources for each of our client according to their requirements. We know that every market has their own demands and need. We can offer to our customers rough block, slabs and cut to size marble, travertine and onyx from all around Turkey. We have direct understanding with more than hundred quarries and factories in Turkey. Our experts team is continuously visiting as many quarries and factories as possible. We bring our customers to quarries and let them select their own blocks. We are pre inspecting with our expert those blocks which are offering our clients. We take care of all process from quarries to port with experience, knowledge and professionalism. We can offer, rough blocks, slabs and cut to size in marble, travertine and onyx. Isik Granit Mermer Madencilik where your local partner in Turkey for your requirements in Natural Stone.
“Prestige Countertops” was established in 1984 in Izmir. Our company got involved in several project in domestic area working with pioneering companies in quartz sector such as Cimstone, Belenco, Silestone and Caesarstone. In 2012, Our company startded exporting in stone sector such as marble, travertine, quartz,granit, onyx ect. “Prestige Countertops” has taken part in Brickell City Center project in Miami with exporting 55.000 square meters of marble.
Sayalp Foreign Trade has been founded in Ankara as export oriented company in 2018. Founder of Sayalp has 13 years experience. Main aim of Sayalp is export its own products to all over the world and giving the highest quality with best prices. Our experienced staff came together in order to share their experiences with our customers to make more profitable agreements. Our motto is that Both seller and buyer should win if there is a trade agreement. We have a capability working all over the world for export and import. We believe in that If both seller and buyer make profit in an agreement, of course that agreement becomes a co-operation.
ORHAN MARBLE INC. started its operations in Afyon Iscehisar in 1985. Respecting to people and the environment has been a top priority. It has become a world brand by customer oriented working continuously. Our company owns marble and travertine quarries and processes the blocks in its own factory and exports travertine and marble slabs and tiles to customers in many countries of the world.
MERDO Minning Machine Petroleum Energy Industry and Trading Co. Ltd. Welcome to the colorful world of turkish marbles. Turkey is one of the oldest country that produces marble & natural stone in the world. Merdo Marble : Our commercial activities, our business began in 1980 with "Tevfik Export & Import". * Heavy hand carved with classical Furniture export and in Saudi Arabia whole sale marketing. * Arabic as a Mother Langucage is I've Substituted in Saudi Arabia for many Years. MERDO MARBLE : We started in 1990 to Manufacture and exporter special all Arabic Country; * Saudi Arabia ( Jeddah, Makkah, Madina, Dammam, Riyadh ) * UAE : Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umman, Qatar - Doha, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon - Beirut, Syria.